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As you guys have probably noticed, VikkCraft's web presence has been entirely redesigned over the past few days. We hope that a fresher, modern look and revamped graphics will provide a better experience for everyone.

That said, starting now, we're going to shift our focus from branding to new content. Here's some sneak peaks of what's coming:


Happy holidays, and thanks for flying VikkCraft!

Some updates regarding Staff Applications:

Firstly, applications have been reset. If you had applied before today and have yet to have been contacted, you have unfortunately been declined. If you had made an application before, you can now make another one.

This fresh chance to apply is a good opportunity for people re-applying, and equally those applying for the first time, to improve their submission. We have made a guide to help applicants with this process. You can see that here:


Please read the advice above thoroughly as the chance of you getting staff will increase greatly if you know what we are looking for.

Any questions, ask below.

Good luck to those applying.
-Luck, Tuxx & Andrew.
Some changes to the following rule:
This rule is no longer in effect. You will not be punished for speaking other languages in the server chat. The reasoning behind this is the current situation (on factions mainly, but also on other parts of the network) means we cannot possibly enforce this rule.

We may re-add it at some point in the future. It's a change we need to make now, but may revert later, once we find a better solution.