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by macreddin at 5:03 PM
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Ey everyone, back with episode 2 of VikkCraft Top 5! Congrats to those who got in and thanks to everyone who submitted!

Remember to submit clips for next week by emailing them to the email in the description in the video! Hope you guys are enjoying these :)
by Bucko at 7:32 PM
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Hey everyone!

We're looking for some SkyWars maps to be made to be added to Vikkcraft. We'll be collecting submissions for the next couple of weeks, then if a map is accepted, the builder will be rewarded with a rank, depending on the quality of the build.

Things we want:
  • Up to 8 islands
  • No chest containments
  • No bigger than 100x100
  • Void map
  • .schematic file is preferred, however, world is ok.
  • Must be built with 1.7 blocks
When your map is done, take some screenshots and create a thread here! We'll contact you for a download link when we need it.

Good luck!
by macreddin at 5:36 PM
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Ey everyone, after a resounding amount of interest and support for the idea from the community I have decided to go ahead and try my best to put together a VikkCraft Top 5 weekly kills video!

For the first episode, you'll be able to submit moments from the past, but for future ones the kills/moments will need to be from that week. Please only submit good quality videos, because no matter how good your kill(s) is/are they won't be featured if the recording quality is potato.

Submit your moments by emailing the videos to [email protected]!

I look forward to seeing what you all submit!

EDIT - If you need help recording your moments, check out THIS thread.
by Bucko at 6:33 PM
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Hey all!

Although the forums is not our 100% priority right now, we made some changes that people have been asking for.
  • Search bar now available.
  • Player reports are only viewable by staff, unless you have made the thread. (This is only a trial, and might change)
by macreddin at 4:04 PM
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Hey everyone, Mac here with another update for you all!

We have been working hard on a lot of cool new stuff that should be coming in the near future, below is a little overview of those things.

As requested by the big man himself (Yup, Vikk himself!) Prison will be coming very soon to Vikkcraft! We have a number of cool features planned that other Prison servers don't have to make us stand out. Have an idea for the upcoming gamemode? Be sure to let us know!

Duel PvP
A custom gamemode in the works, Duel PvP will allow you to fight against other players in 1v1 and 2v2 combat (possible bigger teams down the road) with customized kits. Think of this as a vastly improved Cerberus! No ETA on Duel PvP yet, but if you have ideas on how you'd like to see us go about making it happen, let us know!

Factions Improvements
The new Factions has been a huge success so far, but it isn't perfect yet. We have heard all your...
by Bucko at 10:04 PM
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Hey all!

We've been impressed with the Factions release. We hit 120 players at one time, which is a record for Factions on Vikkcraft!

Quick reminder, @macreddin is hosting an SG tournament this Saturday at 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT).

However, with new things, comes a lot of feedback, some good and some bad. We've recognized the issues and have dealt with them swiftly. As always if you have any feedback/bugs then report them to a member of staff, or in the bug reports section HERE. I thought instead of answering each question individually over and over again, I would create an FAQ and hopefully it will clear some information up.

Will spawners be able to buy with in game money?
Right now there are no plans for this. The current system is designed so that people will buy the spawners and then they will generate their own economy. There is also the option to use silk touch on spawners as well.

by Bucko at 5:06 PM
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Hello all!

SG Maps have been updated. Some maps had items in them which gave an advantage to people once they got them. These have been removed by our builder @Luck. Others had some terrain removed/improved.

Maps that have been added:
  • Hamlyn
  • Alaskan Village
  • Zone 85
  • Turbulence
Maps that have been removed:
  • Area69 (Was done ages ago, just documenting it)
  • Campbellia
  • Cloud nine
  • Fallen Empire
  • Frozen
  • Ghost Town
  • Moonlight Lake
  • Skylands
We also have a new lobby that has been built by @Luck.

Enjoy and thanks for playing Vikkcraft!
by vemacs at 11:44 PM
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  • Revised our frontend infrastructure. This should make us more resilient against DDoS attacks like the large one we experienced last Sunday.
  • Minor performance tweaks to SG and hubs.
  • Upgraded forum software to XenForo 1.4.5.
  • We're making good progress on the 1.8 update and new Factions.
  • Congrats to everyone for helping VikkCraft hit 1k players! You may have noticed the lack of lag :p
by vemacs at 1:57 AM
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  • After wrangling for a few hours on the currently hardcoded lobby system, we've managed to add 18 more SG lobbies.
  • The hub instance has been renamed to hub1.
  • We're currently experiencing some packet loss issues on one of our machines. This will result in factions, cerberus, and hub server menus occasionally being laggy. We are waiting for our host to resolve this.