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by Bucko at 6:17 PM
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Hey all!

We haven't really announced it much apart from on Factions so I thought I should make a forum post about it.

40% sale is happening right now until the 6th October over on store.vikkcraft.com.

If the discount is not applying correctly, reply to this thread or message me and we will fix it.

Also I have re-enabled the Monster Crate Key.

by vemacs at 7:28 PM
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To balance out stuff at the beginning, items given at initial purchase (mcMMO credits, in-game money) will be delivered tomorrow.

That's all for now.

Update: Money and mcMMO credits for your current rank (if purchased before today) should be re-awarded when you log in.
by vemacs at 1:16 AM
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Sorry in advance for not meeting our initial end of September goal, it's just that we preferred a weekend launch and needed time to pregenerate areas of the map, and so on.

The Factions reset will be on October 2nd, 2015 at 5:00PM BST (time in UK). We are currently thinking of ways for you guys to have a last bit of fun on the current map. Free TNT kits and removal of all WorldGuard regions are being considered.
by vemacs at 8:40 PM
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It's happening this month, as you guys probably already know. However, this reset's going to be quite a bit more intense than what you may be experienced to, and I'll detail why.

First off, confirmed changes:
  • Cannoning patches for 1.8
  • Spawn will be located close to 0,0
  • There will be a new spawn (I'll grab screenshots when Mojang session servers come online)
  • Shop prices will be revamped and based off of my server (ChaosPVP)
  • Spawner issues will be fixed
  • There will be new features, including Faction warping, better random teleport, etc...
  • Disabled some commands (sethome, etc) in enemy/neutral territory
What you should expect to be reset/lost:
  • mcMMO levels and credits (there have been a lot of changes to the way we're handling credits and balancing in general, so it's infeasible to keep old data)
  • Faction data (for the same reasons as above)
  • Inventories and map
  • Money
  • Enderchest contents
  • Crate keys
  • Spawners (I'm sorry, but...
by Bucko at 12:46 PM
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Hey all!

I've made some changes to the TeamSpeak server today!
  • Created group 'Donator'.
  • Created group 'Obsidian'.
  • Created a Donator Lounge.
  • Created a Obsidian Lounge.
  • Separated Senior Staff Rooms from Admin Rooms
  • Created 1 more Mod and Helper Lounges. Also changed the layout of them.
  • Changed the name of the server from 'Vikkcraft Official TeamSpeak' to 'Vikkcraft' to keep everything consistent.
  • Changed the main lobby to 'Entrance Lounge'.
  • Removed ugly description in the main lobby.
When you come onto the TeamSpeak, you will need your rank setting. Message one of the staff online at the time and we will get it sorted for you!

by Tuxx at 7:38 PM
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Hello Vikkcraft,

Frequently I see people saying we should bring top 5 kills of the week back, well here it is! The only difference is Benja will now be commentating the videos and we would like to thank him for taking his time to do so. Every Sunday a video will be uploaded to the Vikkcraft YouTube channel and posted on the main forum page. Make sure your clips are submitted by Friday night!

Clips can be submitted here [email protected]

Good luck!
by Bucko at 9:10 PM
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Hey all

Haven't made a post in a while because I haven't really been up to much in terms of fixing things, so haven't needed to, so sorry about that:(

However, with the help of @Luck tonight we fixed the ban appeals and player reports forum. You can now view your own thread when it moves between the sections in the following forums:
  • Player reports.
  • Ban appeals.
For ban appeals, you cannot post your own thread. You must use the application and it will post the thread for you. We have also set the forum to be used an unlimited amount of times. Normally I would try and hide that, but it only takes 1 person to spam it to found out, so whatever. If you do decide to spam it with unnecessary information, you will be banned from the forums.

For both sections, you can now edit your threads and see staff replies to them. You can also reply to them if they're pending, however when they're in the accepted/declined section you cannot.

We have made...
by vemacs at 4:37 PM
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One of our machines was suspended yesterday, and as a result, the SG instances running on that server (originally the even ones) were shut down. I've since moved several to the remaining primary SG box, and there should be enough instances for everybody. I expect that machine to be back online around the 28th.

tl;dr if you see lots of dead SG instances, don't panic
by Luck at 9:20 PM
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With the factions reset around the corner, we have a couple of community events planned to make an enjoyable end to this season.

Factions LMS War:
As requested by the community (https://vikkcraft.com/threads/18344/page-2), we will be hosting a Last Man Standing factions war. To briefly explain what will happen, everyone who wishes to take part will be teleported into an arena, and will fight until there is only one person remaining.

Some more details:
Date: 30/08 at 16:00 GMT
You must bring your own gear. We will not supply you with any armour, weapons, gapples, etc.
Once you have died, you will not be able to teleport back into the arena.
There will be no spectators, however we may record the fight.

SIGN UP: Just so we can get an idea of how many people are interested, please comment below with your username. You can write 1 post for multiple people if you...
by Benja at 7:40 PM
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Hey guys Benja here back with another SURVIVAL GAME VIDEO serious thread.

I've been a staff member on this server for a while now and I think I should leave. When I joined I enjoyed Minecraft a lot, but now it feels like a chore to log on and catch hackers, something that I never wanted to happen. I promised to myself that I would leave when I didn't find it enjoyable, and that day has come.

Bye guys!

if you're not bad at csgo add me www.steamcommunity.com/id/mtj_
if you're not a nerd follow me on twitter @Benjanoob