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by Bucko at 5:06 PM
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Hello all!

SG Maps have been updated. Some maps had items in them which gave an advantage to people once they got them. These have been removed by our builder @Luck. Others had some terrain removed/improved.

Maps that have been added:
  • Hamlyn
  • Alaskan Village
  • Zone 85
  • Turbulence
Maps that have been removed:
  • Area69 (Was done ages ago, just documenting it)
  • Campbellia
  • Cloud nine
  • Fallen Empire
  • Frozen
  • Ghost Town
  • Moonlight Lake
  • Skylands
We also have a new lobby that has been built by @Luck.

Enjoy and thanks for playing Vikkcraft!
by TheGamingGeek at 8:46 PM
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Hey guys,

I need your help with something:

Myself along with some friends are going to be doing a 24hr continuous livestream for the British Lung Foundation. This is very much a personal thing for me as my dad suffers from COPD. I got to see the difference British Lung Foundation really make for people who have lung conditions. Before my dad started going he did feel isolated, like nobody else could understand what he is going through. Now every time he returns from the sessions he feels far more positive and far less isolated as he can talk with others who understand. It's very difficult for me to explain how vital I feel this support is for him, but I hope you can agree with me that It's a worthy charity. Without fund-raising however, none of this would be possible.

So I'd very much appreciate it if you could come and join in the fun and share it with your friends. The stream starts on: SAT 28th at 4PM GMT and if you hit FOLLOW you will get a notification so you won't...
by vemacs at 11:44 PM
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  • Revised our frontend infrastructure. This should make us more resilient against DDoS attacks like the large one we experienced last Sunday.
  • Minor performance tweaks to SG and hubs.
  • Upgraded forum software to XenForo 1.4.5.
  • We're making good progress on the 1.8 update and new Factions.
  • Congrats to everyone for helping VikkCraft hit 1k players! You may have noticed the lack of lag :p
by vemacs at 1:57 AM
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  • After wrangling for a few hours on the currently hardcoded lobby system, we've managed to add 18 more SG lobbies.
  • The hub instance has been renamed to hub1.
  • We're currently experiencing some packet loss issues on one of our machines. This will result in factions, cerberus, and hub server menus occasionally being laggy. We are waiting for our host to resolve this.
by vemacs at 9:35 PM
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  • The boss bar no longer goes crazy and randomly disappears for 1.8 clients
  • The network player count is shown in the boss bar instead of the server player count
  • The boss bar in SG will now work for 1.8 clients
  • The holograms in SG now use armor stands for 1.8 clients
  • Improved stability for hubs, should resolve the random crashing that's been happening lately
Things to keep in mind:
  • VikkCraft will no longer be joinable with 1.7 clients within the next 2 weeks. We are planning an update to 1.8.
by vemacs at 6:02 PM
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Hi VikkCraft members,

We've made all the immediately visible improvements we can make over the past few weeks. In case you want a recap, this includes fixing the lag and most of the crashes (or at least implementing auto-recovery), bringing TS back, speed and security improvements to the website and webstore, and so on and so forth. Due to the original source code not being provided to us when we took over, we have no choice but to restructure and rewrite essentially everything that's important.

What does this mean? First off, this means that we consider the network stable enough to not require much maintenance while we rewrite everything. Secondly, this means that you won't be seeing as many visible improvements in the coming weeks, due to us having to rewrite everything.

Rest assured that we're still working on VikkCraft, but note that at this stage, we can't push as many incremental improvements as we were doing earlier.

On a side note, consider the lag permanently fixed.
by vemacs at 5:19 PM
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We've finally gotten more powerful hardware from our sponsor, and will be migrating our setup over to the new machines over the next week. Expect some downtime for individual instances, but keep in mind that we're trying to minimize disruptions.

With the new setup, Vikkcraft should perform better than ever, and we'll be able to roll out newer improvements more quickly.

This thread is just to let you guys know that occasional downtime will be happening while we do the migration, so bear with us.

Update 1: SG19-36 migrated, thanks to @rolts
Update 2: SG1-18 and SW1-4 migrated, thanks to @rolts
Update 3: Hub1-3 migrated, thanks to @rolts
Update 4: Cerberus migrated, thanks to @rolts
Update 5: Factions migrated, thanks to @rolts

Note that TS will be down for up to 3 hours starting on 2/27/15 12:00 CST.
Update: TS is back up.
by vemacs at 9:54 PM
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While we've been waiting on new hardware, we've still been working hard on some major performance improvements to Vikkcraft. One of these, proper load balancing, has been implemented today. In the next few hours, as the changes roll out to everybody (it depends on your ISP and/or DNS provider), everybody should be placed on a less laggy frontend for Vikkcraft.

Please note that this change is currently experimental, and we're monitoring it closely.
by macreddin at 1:34 PM
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Hey Vikkcraft, we are here with some updates for you all!

We've just opened the official Vikkcraft Teamspeak server which you can join at ts.vikkcraft.com. If you need to download Teamspeak, you can do that HERE. Ranks and the finalized teamspeak setup are still to come, so please bear with us as changes are made!

The current Vikkcraft setup is built upon Lilypad, a system we aren't huge fans of, and something that can be blamed as a huge reason for performance issues. As such we are working on moving the entire server over to Bungeecord. This isn't a process where we can simply snap our fingers and have it be done, but we do expect to have this done within the next 2 weeks. Our goal is to build a solid base for the server before we worry about adding new features and content.

Below is a list of some of the minor improvements we have already added
  • Upgraded/fixed website so it no longer takes ages to load
  • Website...
by macreddin at 3:53 PM
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As many of you are aware, Mojang recently released name changes. Unfortunately the previous developer, SgtCaze, did not prepare VikkCraft for this UUID update even though he had almost a year to do so. This means that if you change your name you will lose your rank and other information tied to your Minecraft name. We'd advise that you please do not change your name yet, but if you already have then contact a staff member and we will do our best to fix any lost information. The server will support UUID and name changes very soon.

While my team and I would love to jump right in and start getting new content out for all of you, SgtCaze did not leave the server in a position that makes that possible. When he knew we was leaving VikkCraft he did whatever he could to make our job as the new developers as hard as possible, from obfuscating the code of the plugins he created to disabling automatic restarts (this being the reason the server was down this morning). That combined with his...