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by vemacs at 3:07 PM
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Now that SG is where I want it to be, for this week's technical focus, I will be focusing on improving SkyWars performance and the overall experience. First off, I apologize for SkyWars servers being down for the past 8 hours, I botched up the deploy and have fixed it. I will be posting more detailed changelogs regarding SkyWars in this thread.

  • Broke up map pasting when new SW games are created. Due to technical limitations, I can't completely stop the lag during map pasting, but hopefully this should make it more bearable. The current paste rate is 6000 blocks every second, I will decrease until it starts causing issues.
  • Optimized chunk unloading.
  • Fixed capitalization. We will be referring to VikkCraft as VikkCraft, not Vikkcraft.
  • Optimized pasting and the paste queue.
by mattmunky at 4:43 PM
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After many requests for more server events and competitions following our SG tournament in April, we are happy to announce the first Vikkcraft Skywars Tournament!

Date/Time: 9th August at 4pm GMT.

Structure: There will be 8 games of 8 people each, with the winners from each game progressing to the final match.

Prizes: 1st place - Diamond Rank
2nd place - Emerald Rank
3rd place - Gold Rank

If you already have a an equal or higher rank than the prize given, we will offer a rank upgrade instead.

Signing up: There are 64 slots available, with people who have purchased a rank taking priority. The remaining slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Anyone signing up after all 64 slots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list to take the place of anyone that doesn't show up. Even if you don't make it in to the first 64, you may still get a chance to take part!

by vemacs at 3:55 PM
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  • Possible fix for cut off empty chunks in SW
  • SW performance improvements
  • Increased SW view distance
  • Slightly prettier announcements
  • Fancier Twitter avatar and header background
  • Fix for spectators destroying vehicles in SG (not deployed yet)
  • Currently researching into SW lag spikes. May switch to different plugin
  • Updated website header and favicon
  • Updated base SW plugins
  • Updated and tweaked the chat filter, disabled grammar subsitutions
  • Implemented forcefield for Cerberus villager
  • Fixed TeamSpeak rank icons
  • Updated everything except Factions to Minecraft 1.8.8
  • Probably fixed the last-second spectator join bug
  • Made AAC speed check more lenient
  • Fixed yet another SG memory leak
  • Re-enabled AAC kicking for really obvious violations (like fastbow, etc...)
  • Fixed SG...
by vemacs at 2:07 AM
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Now that we've had shipped AAC on SG1-27 for about a week, and disabled kicking from AAC about halfway through, I want to know what you guys think about AAC vs NCP. Should we switch all lobbies to AAC, or revert back to NCP? Have you had any bad experiences with AAC after kicking was disabled?

I will use the results of this poll to determine what to deploy.

Thanks for flying VikkCraft.

Results: AAC is shipped on all SGs. I will be trialing it on SkyWars soon.
by vemacs at 3:56 AM
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I'll add stuff to this thread as time goes on for changes that don't warrant their own post.
  • Made server list icon a little thinner (7/11/15)
  • Removed boss bar from Survival Games, we're using above action bar messages instead (no more wither particles) (7/11/15)
  • Fixed TNT damaging blocks in Survival Games (7/11/15)
  • Fixed enchanting in Survival Games (lapis auto added) (7/11/15)
  • Fixed name tag coloring in Cerberus (7/12/15)
  • Fixed random flame particles in Cerberus (7/12/15)
  • Trialing new anti-cheat in SG1-27 (7/12/15)
  • Fixed deathmatch related issues in SG (7/12/15)
  • Possibly fix spectator visibility issues in SG (7/13/15)
  • Disable "combat log" kick in AAC for SG (7/13/15)
  • Trialing AAC on Cerberus (7/13/15)
  • Fancy new hub scoreboard (7/13/15)
  • Removed some intrusive gadgets after complaints (7/14/15) (currently setting up permissions)
  • Optimized player...
by vemacs at 5:06 PM
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Over the past few days, I've been upgrading the hub and SkyWars instances to 1.8.7. Since we don't have nearly as many developers (literally just me at the moment) or the budget of Kohi/Badlion to properly support 1.7 and 1.8 clients, our only option for fixing the anti-cheat and improving fairness for all players is upgrading to a proper 1.8 server and latest NoCheatPlus. Hopefully the SkyWars update today will improve PVP. SG and Cerberus are still on 1.7, that's why the anti-cheat is still bugged on those servers.

The current timeline for the 1.8 upgrade is as follows:
  • SG: Saturday, ~10PM GMT (done)
  • Cerberus: Saturday, ~10PM GMT (done)
Factions is in a slight limbo state at the moment. We're still determining what to do with it.

Thanks for flying VikkCraft.

Edit: Quick 1.8 hotfix has been applied. Expect some more SG updates soon™.
by Tuxx at 2:50 PM
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Hello Vikkcraft! A few changes have been made to the rules page, below is a list of the changes we have made.
  • Inappropriate language used in /msg or private faction chats is punishable
  • Profanity in your Minecraft name will result in a 30 day ban
  • 5zig mod is now on the allowed mods list
Although not much has changed I thought I would make a post so everyone is aware, remember if you think a mod should be allowed then make a suggestion here.

Thanks for reading!
by Maws at 8:28 PM
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Well, this may come as a bit of a shock to most of you, but I have decided to step down from my position as staff on the server. I just don't find Minecraft exciting anymore therefore I cant find that I will put much effort in which would be unfair on everyone, especially when there are Mods who are so committed and deserve the now empty position. Thanks to all of you for making it a fun year for me and its definitely made a difference to me as a person.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me get the achievement of being the first "helper" to make it to Admin :p

Special thanks to these guys:
@HashtagGrime - Dont think he reads these anymore but introduced me to the idea of being staff.
@Tuxx - So committed to the server, does a great job as head admin.
@Kriken - Funny guy, played so much MC with him also a great player!
@Daquh - Cutest (better than @Diewer)...
by macreddin at 5:58 PM
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Big thank you to everyone who continues to submit clips, without the community these videos wouldn't be possible! And don't forget to submit your moments for the next episode by emailing them to[email protected]!

This thread will remain locked due to the communities inability to whip out the salt. Its just a video series for fun everyone, no need to get your panties in a bunch over it.