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I'm saving my farewell post until these forums go down, so let's just try to alleviate some of the initial confusion.

Please refer to the other merge posts for additional details.

  1. Open the transporter (right-click on compass)[​IMG]
  2. Click the icon for the server type you wish to join (sponge = Lucky Block, apple = classic) [​IMG]
  3. Select an available server (note that you can spectate in non-full games, as was possible previously) [​IMG]
Hover over the icons in the transporter to select these servers. The Arkham equivalent of Cerberus is KitPVP.
Hey guys,

I've never been one for long posts, so i'll keep it relatively short.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the server over the past 2 and a half years. After being approached to help set up VikkCraft in August 2013, I had no idea how far it would go or how long I'd stick with it. At the time we'd reach tens of players at peak times, and the server would be completely empty at night. It's amazing to see how much we've grown. I'd also like to thank Vikk for all he's done for the server. He's been great to work with, and puts so much effort in to everything he does. I believe we opened the server as he hit 200k YouTube subs (I could be wrong on that), and he's now at over 2 million subs on 2 channels, huge respect for him.

Our experience with developers has been interesting to say the least. I won't go in to detail on here, but for the most part, they've been great to work with and have brought so much to the server.

The main reason I've stuck with VikkCraft for such a long time is the community. I've met so many great people, and am still friends with people I met on the server in 2013. Hopefully I'll still see some of you over at Arkham. I'm sad to see the server go after such a long time, and my role at Arkham will not be anything like what i'm used to on VikkCraft, so I'll see how it goes and try and make the best of it.

If anyone has any queries about the merge tomorrow, take a look at these threads:

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone for flying VikkCraft!

-Matt (mattmunky)
I've received quite a few questions about how the merger will be conducted, so hopefully I can clarify some things. This post should cover the most frequently asked-about topics. If I forgot something, please let me know in this thread.

Rank migrations
Ranks will be migrated by tier. That means the lowest VikkCraft tier (Iron) will be converted to the lowest Arkham tier (Vindicator). If you already have an Arkham rank, the higher-tier rank will take precedence.
  • Iron -> Vindicator
  • Gold -> Titan
  • Emerald -> Hero
  • Diamond -> Superhero
  • Obsidian -> Batman
Since staff ranks are the same between the two servers, all active staff members will retain their ranks.

Data migration
This is slightly murkier. Only (LB)SG will have a full data migration (stats/points/etc...), as there was no existing Arkham SG infrastructure prior to the migration. SkyWars statistics must (unfortunately) be wiped, as a migration is infeasible for various reasons. Factions will obviously be wiped, as this will be considered a reset more than a migration. Cerberus data will not be transferred, as Arkham's (better) KitPVP implementation has an entirely different statistics system.

Bans will not be migrated (there is a small change that this may change).

TeamSpeak and forums
The VikkCraft TS3 server will be shut down and redirected to Arkham's TS3 server. Your ranks will need to be set manually, I'll try to deliver more information about this when possible.

These forums will remain up for a few months, but likely with most sections in read-only mode (to serve as an archive). A clans section will be introduced in Arkham forums once an official in-game clan system is implemented.

I hope that this post helps clear up some of the confusion about the merger. Again, if you have any further questions, please reply to this thread.