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by vemacs at 3:10 PM
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We will be restarting all instances today in order to patch the major server crash exploit that was released yesterday, affecting all MC versions.

Restarts may come periodically as we isolate any issues from the upgrade. If anybody cares about the technical details, we're moving from Spigot to PaperSpigot.

Edit: Done for now
by Bucko at 10:04 PM
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Hey all!

We've been impressed with the Factions release. We hit 120 players at one time, which is a record for Factions on Vikkcraft!

Quick reminder, @macreddin is hosting an SG tournament this Saturday at 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT).

However, with new things, comes a lot of feedback, some good and some bad. We've recognized the issues and have dealt with them swiftly. As always if you have any feedback/bugs then report them to a member of staff, or in the bug reports section HERE. I thought instead of answering each question individually over and over again, I would create an FAQ and hopefully it will clear some information up.

Will spawners be able to buy with in game money?
Right now there are no plans for this. The current system is designed so that people will buy the spawners and then they will generate their own economy. There is also the option to use silk touch on spawners as well.

by macreddin at 1:17 PM
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Ello everyone! The final update for the SG tournament is here! For previous info on how the tournament will work, click HERE.

Many of you are wondering who you will be playing against in your preliminary game, and that information is below!

Game 1
  1. _pauljac3
  2. hmghmg
  3. B3AST_PVP
  4. DJ_McG
  5. SuperiorMC_YT
  6. FourK_
  7. MrPolarBear
  8. JUST0M
  9. itsjonny
  10. varin35
  11. Tuxx
  12. MyHairyBirthmark
  13. mujinator
  14. Samm
  15. Miguxeiro1234
  16. Spy_Pig
  18. ClayCraftYT
  19. GymLadJohn
  20. blazinfire101
  21. TxKChrisYT
  22. McPlayzHD
  23. Vikkstar124
  24. Benjanoob
Game 2
  1. xxFURYxGamingxx
  2. bosstar123
  3. G1m3r
  4. PenguinHam
  5. ToxinMonsterFTW
  6. DerpyBadger
  7. Secret_Bob
  8. Euras
  9. LilRiley
  10. warlockyea
  11. mattyp1118
  12. Zepecius
  13. Xc1te_G4mer
  14. Tylot
  15. BloodyRedJuice
  16. Daquh
  17. JunaidMC
  18. EatMyBanter
  19. bdt96000
  20. DeadshotZz
  21. BrianVB1...
by rolts at 2:41 PM
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Factions reset / Store update!

I am pleased to announce that Factions will be reset today as mentioned in the previous post regarding the reset.

The reset will include a number of changes with regards to ranks / kits / shop etc.

That being said we added 2 new donator rank and crate keys!

Once the reset is complete you will be able to find more details on our store.

The factions reset should be occurring in the upcoming hours.


If you have bought a rank before moving to the new store email us @ [email protected] to receive the applicable discount upon upgrading.
by macreddin at 1:35 AM
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We are very pleased with the huge community support behind the Survival Games Tournament and are as excited (if not more!) as you guys to see this happen.

The first 144 who signed up for the tournament are listed at THIS LINK. Don't see your name? Do not worry! The backup list is based on a first come first serve basis, and as long as you show up on tournament day you will be able to take the place of a competitor who doesn't show up.

Tournament Streaming
The entire tournament will be streamed over on my twitch, found HERE. You'll be able to watch all the games live on tournament day!

Many of you have been wondering how scoring will work for the preliminary games. Below is how we have decided on it.

Winner - 10 pts
Second Place - 5 pts
Third Place - 3 pts
Kill - 2 pts

This means that a player who gets 3 kills...
by macreddin at 9:40 PM
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We are very happy to announce the first Survival Games Tournament! All the information needed can be found below!

The tournament will take place on Saturday April the 18th at 11 AM EST (4 PM GMT). You must be online at that time to participate!

Tournament Structure
There will be 6 preliminary games of 24 players each. The top 4 players from each preliminary game will go on to compete in the final game.

Top 4 for the preliminaries will be calculated using a scoring system that combines victory points with kill points. This means you won't be able to just go and hide in order to get in the last 4 tributes.

Prizes are still being determined, but we can assure you that they will be super awesome!

All normal VikkCraft rules apply. In addition no teaming will be allowed. Anyone caught teaming during the tournament will be instantly disqualified.

How to Sign...
by rolts at 3:55 PM
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Hello Vikkcraft!

I'm here to announce that we are close to resetting Factions, and are coming with a new fresh setup!

A reset you say?
Yes, we will be resetting all stats including mcMMO. We will be starting off with a 100% new world.

Now, when will the reset occur?
If everything goes as planned we should be launching the upcoming Wednesday.
by Bucko at 5:06 PM
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Hello all!

SG Maps have been updated. Some maps had items in them which gave an advantage to people once they got them. These have been removed by our builder @Luck. Others had some terrain removed/improved.

Maps that have been added:
  • Hamlyn
  • Alaskan Village
  • Zone 85
  • Turbulence
Maps that have been removed:
  • Area69 (Was done ages ago, just documenting it)
  • Campbellia
  • Cloud nine
  • Fallen Empire
  • Frozen
  • Ghost Town
  • Moonlight Lake
  • Skylands
We also have a new lobby that has been built by @Luck.

Enjoy and thanks for playing Vikkcraft!
by TheGamingGeek at 8:46 PM
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Hey guys,

I need your help with something:

Myself along with some friends are going to be doing a 24hr continuous livestream for the British Lung Foundation. This is very much a personal thing for me as my dad suffers from COPD. I got to see the difference British Lung Foundation really make for people who have lung conditions. Before my dad started going he did feel isolated, like nobody else could understand what he is going through. Now every time he returns from the sessions he feels far more positive and far less isolated as he can talk with others who understand. It's very difficult for me to explain how vital I feel this support is for him, but I hope you can agree with me that It's a worthy charity. Without fund-raising however, none of this would be possible.

So I'd very much appreciate it if you could come and join in the fun and share it with your friends. The stream starts on: SAT 28th at 4PM GMT and if you hit FOLLOW you will get a notification so you won't...
by vemacs at 11:44 PM
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  • Revised our frontend infrastructure. This should make us more resilient against DDoS attacks like the large one we experienced last Sunday.
  • Minor performance tweaks to SG and hubs.
  • Upgraded forum software to XenForo 1.4.5.
  • We're making good progress on the 1.8 update and new Factions.
  • Congrats to everyone for helping VikkCraft hit 1k players! You may have noticed the lack of lag :p