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VikkCraft Servers - Home of Vikkstar123

by MrWonanother at 10:20 PM
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So you may or may not have seen the sneak peak into our newly coded survival games. I have included this below let us know what you think on the video and here on the channel!

by mattmunky at 6:10 PM
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Hey guys,

I've been getting a lot of mixed reactions about the new hub. Just wanted to put some figures to those opinions. If you wouldn't mind answering the poll included in this post, it would be much appreciated!

- Matt
by MrWonanother at 2:14 PM
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Just a little change to the current ranks and what is happening to them.

Gold, Emerald & Diamond is still available for purchase. All of these ranks are getting some upgrades to go across of all of our servers, SG's, Factions and soon to be Mini-Games.

Platinum is now a retired rank, This however doesn't mean those who donated for it are going to loose it we will honor the purchase and you will keep the rank for life!. - If you would like to get a rank today!.

VikkCraft Management.
by Bluetiger459 at 11:24 PM
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Happy new year guys, that's it. Why are you even still reading this? :)
by Bluetiger459 at 11:18 PM
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Just making this to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on behalf of myself and the rest of the staff, hope you guys all have a fun day and get the presents you wanted. If I manage to drag myself away from the PS4 il be getting then I'll see you on the server at some point today (it's the 25th for because I'm in GMT+1) if not I'll see you later this week :)
by mattmunky at 10:58 PM
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Hello everyone!

Starting from now until the 15th of December, Vikkcraft will be hosting a hunger games map building competition open to everyone. It's a great way of helping the server out, and possibly having your map played by Vikk in his hunger games videos!

Teams are allowed, and the number of people in the team is not limited. The prize for the winning map is gold rank on the server. A maximum of 3 ranks are available across the winning team, so if you have more than 3 people building, make sure you have discussed who will receive the prizes in the event of you winning! These ranks will take effect on Christmas day. Maps can either made for 24 or 48 players. Although there is no maxium size for maps, we prefer (And you will have a better chance of winning with) maps that have radius of 200-300. Even if you don't win the competition, that doesn't mean we won't consider using your map if we think it's great!

Maps should be submitted here, otherwise they will not be...
by scerstt at 1:48 AM
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So a you might have noticed some changes to the Vikkcraft Survival Games. As we updated to 1.6.4 we also updated the Survival Games plugin to bring you a much better/fairer experience on the Vikkcraft server!

A few of the updates to the Survival Games plugin include the ability to set bounty's & you now loose 5% of your points instead of loosing 10 points. Yes you hear that right. 5% of your points will be given to the person who kills you.

The Vikkcraft server is no longer just a server were the longer you play it the higher you get... It is now about skill... pure skill. So if you suck at survival games? Well we wont be seeing you at the top of the leader boards will we.

We must warn that both these changes are now fully active across all the EU servers & when the US servers are up they will also be active across the US servers. Remember you loose 5% of your points now... not just 10 points. So be weary not just to jump in and play the game tactically!

A few things...
by scerstt at 12:27 AM
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OK, so as you all know we recently updated the Vikkcraft HUB & you might have noticed the new addition of 'Arcade', yes there is a reason to be excited! Mini-Games are coming to Vikkcraft! However we need your help! We need all of you to list below in a reply the Mini-Games you want to see on the server! Once we have a good amount of replies we will be getting them all and putting them in a list in which you can vote for your favorite Mini-Game & the top 5-10 Mini-Games will be appearing on the server very soon!

Please use this format to reply!

Why do you like them:
How often would you play them:

Thanks for staying awesome :D Looking forward to reading the replies to see what you all want!

- scerstt
by MrWonanother at 7:32 PM
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Yes its true!

We're on 1.6.4 on both Hunger Gamers and Factions, We're sorry this took longer than normal we where updating some plugins and putting in the bounty system took alittle longer than we had hope, we also had some problems with the TagAPI but we have since knocked out most of the bugs on the servers.

Once again we're sorry for delayed update but we got there in the end

by MrWonanother at 9:35 AM
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Thats Right

VikkCraft is back to normal better than ever we have working stats and leaderboards will be coming later on tomorrow! donators kick to make room as well get access to special commands and more!

IP -

Thanks for you time we look forward onwards from here to a bigger and better server!

Jake / MrWonanother / SheriffWoody
VikkCraft Management