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by MoodyatoR at 11:08 PM
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Hey all, me again. Going to try to cover alot of ground here without dragging on so bare with me. Basically, we have a few questions so leave your answers down below!

Firstly, SG death match arenas. Seen alot of people asking about them and we're not 100% on what we want to do about this. Some maps just don't work well in death match so we're considering adding a separate DM arena. What do you guys feel about this? Just a single arena? Or multiple to keep it less repetitive?

Next is Skywars. As you know we've reworked Skywars for the 3.0 update (Please note that 3.0 does NOT have a confirmed release date) but we want to add more kits to it. What items do you want to see in the kits? What ranks should these kits be available to?

Next is something a lot of you may not be aware of, in the next update we're adding Prison to the server. We want some input from you guys regarding the game play itself though. Things like how many ranks, what items sell for what price, what unlocks are...
by Bucko at 10:33 PM
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Hey all!

Our head builder, Thomaspoucher1, has now stepped down from his position and will no longer be leading TeamVC. This is a decisions neither he wanted to make, nor did we want to hear, but it is in the best interests of his personal life, that he no longer carries on with Minecraft.

We would like to wish Tom the best for the future, and thank him for the effort he has put into what Vikkcraft is today.

Following Tom's decision, we would like to announce @luckoflucian as our new head builder and leader of TeamVC.

by MoodyatoR at 8:33 PM
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That time of year is upon us again!

Everything seems darker and more spooky!
The pumpkins are rolled out onto the street!
Kids are knocking on your door all night which causes your dog to almost go for one of them since he's had enough. (Long story)

Vikkcraft is ready for Halloween and we're making sure all of you are too!
From now till November 1st everything in the store is 20% off!
Thats right! EVERYTHING!
Whether you're looking for some KitPVP coins or a shiny new rank, this is the perfect time to pick it up!

That's not all, the Hub has had some holiday changes as well to match the theme so everything is a little more dark and spooky.

Enjoy the holiday folks, and thanks for the continued play time on the server.

by AndrewCFC at 10:47 PM
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Hey guys,

Recently there has been a lot of debate about a possible factions reset and some changes that would go along with that. We have thought of some ideas and have gone through some previous factions threads and have come up with a list of possible changes that could be made to factions.

  • Firstly, we would reset the faction server, meaning that you lose everything. This would mean a fresh start for everyone and would be necessary for implementing the following changes.
  • Disable the end. This would increase the amount of raids found as it's very easy to hide a base in the end if you're willing to spend the time building out. Also, grinding combat related mcmmo is too easy in the end, and we would like to promote player vs player to level your skills. The end can also cause slight lag, so this change will result in a smoother experience.
  • Remove god apples. A lot of people seem to like the idea of nerfing or completely removing god apples, so we thought of making PvP...
by Bucko at 11:40 PM
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Hey all!

We've been looking at improving Skywars and want some feedback as to what you want!
We want ideas for kits, donation perks and anything else you can think of.