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by MoodyatoR at 11:24 PM
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Oopsie. Forgot to make a post about this the other week when we uploaded it.

So as you may know, the Dev team did a Q&A livestream the other week. We've stuck it on YouTube for those of you that couldn't make it.

Once you've seen it, a few questions for ya:
1. Did you like the format? (Taking questions, casual chat, playing around at the same time)
2. What would you change?
3. Would you like to see other stuff like this in the future?

by MoodyatoR at 11:08 PM
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Hey all, me again. Going to try to cover alot of ground here without dragging on so bare with me. Basically, we have a few questions so leave your answers down below!

Firstly, SG death match arenas. Seen alot of people asking about them and we're not 100% on what we want to do about this. Some maps just don't work well in death match so we're considering adding a separate DM arena. What do you guys feel about this? Just a single arena? Or multiple to keep it less repetitive?

Next is Skywars. As you know we've reworked Skywars for the 3.0 update (Please note that 3.0 does NOT have a confirmed release date) but we want to add more kits to it. What items do you want to see in the kits? What ranks should these kits be available to?

Next is something a lot of you may not be aware of, in the next update we're adding Prison to the server. We want some input from you guys regarding the game play itself though. Things like how many ranks, what items sell for what price, what unlocks are...