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by MoodyatoR at 6:46 PM
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No. Just no. Not at all. We are FAR from dead.

Caze has been a respected member of the team since he was brought on back in March time and he largely controlled the server and it's development since but the server was NOT reliant on him. Specifically, the progress of the server was his baby and we would have struggled to move forward without him but the server can survive without him just fine.

Sadly, Caze's departure was as much of a surprise to us as it was to all of you, we literally found out at the same time. There has been conflict between the team before but no one really saw this coming and it's left us in a tight spot for the server's future for a while.

The main question that I'm hearing (Other than "So is Vikkcraft dead?") is "What's happening to 3.0?". No easy answer for this I'm afraid so you may want to sit down. Best way to go about this is to just forget about anything you previously knew about 3.0.

3.0 will still happen eventually, but it wont be the 3.0 that we...
by sgtcaze at 6:56 PM
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Nearly one year ago, SheriffWoody approached me through Twitter to fix an issue with the TeleportSigns plugin. After resolving the issue, I helped resolve a few other miscellaneous problems. Jake then asked if I could fix the startup errors the Survival Games plugin generated on 1.7+ servers. I spent the next hour decompiling, recompiling and testing to conclude it was too much work to maintain, and was bloated with a bad design. It was then that I offerred to make a new SG plugin from scratch.

It's been a rollercoaster of an adventure. I take great pride in helping VikkCraft reduce plugin dependency, have more customization and achieve high stability and uptime. I've met some great people, and have learned a lot. Often times I sacrificed critical time from studying and doing coursework by pulling long nights to ensure VikkCraft was online and stable, and even investing my own money back in to tools and services.

Now it is time for me to resign my position as Lead Developer for...
by MoodyatoR at 3:03 AM
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Happy 2015 all!

I'm sure you've heard the general New Year speeches and stuff over and over again at this point so I'm avoiding dragging this on and keeping it short.

This server has come so far within the past year, from the Development and staff teams to the player base itself, everything has grown and improved and I cant say how happy I am with it all.

I'm truly thankful to all of you for making the server what it is today.

One final thing, I have a question for all of you:

Whats your best memories of Vikkcraft from 2014?